Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BRF Native Ho-Chunk

Museum-an original Carnegie Library
Before arriving in the Black River Falls area to camp I did a little background check. I always  try not to miss what makes an area special by searching on the internet and maybe reading a book.

Ho-Chunk Display

In this case it was a book called "People of the Big Voice" by Tom Jones. The book is a visual history of sorts, depicting photographs by Charles Van Schaick.  From the late 1800's to the early 1900's he was the BRF area photographer.

The people of the Ho-Chunk nation frequented his studio for many family photos. The book includes many of his photos and an account of life for the Ho-Chunk during that time period.

Ho-Chunk Bead Work

Upon arrival we visited the Jackson County Historical Societies' Carnegie Museum, where we got a sampling of Van Schaick's photography and the early settlement of BRF.



The part that interested me most was the early native americans and the artifacts of beadwork and leather items. There is also the Van Schaick Photo Gallery nearby as well.


One of the local curators was on hand for a personal tour which made it all the more meaningful. 

We  also made the pilgrimage to further our exposure, to the local H-Chunk casino. We are not big gamblers but since the weather got in the way of our plans for outdoor water sports we needed something to amuse ourselves.

We signed up for the Players Club card and each received $20 of free play. Next we had to find the nickel poker machines between the blue haze of cigarette smoke and gray haired old ladies.

Oh yeah now I'm one of them. Guess we fit right in. Well it paid off we left with $35.00 in winnings after betting their $40. Not a bad deal.


  1. Ah that weather $5 worth of entertainment... not bad.

  2. You certainly know how to find the best of each area you visit.