Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HaRVey in the News!

We'll we knew he was special all along. HaRVey our RV, being so photogenic made the Perrot State Park Visitor paper. Our handsome home on the road shown with his awning stretch out looks just like those big boy rigs. He's now a year old and quite the little trooper.

He's been on seven different outings so far and behaved very well on all of them. With only one minor mishap resulting in a dent on the counter. He's just like everyone else now, he has his own battle scars to prove it.

With his new found fame, he's insisting on his next stay be a Resort. So we'll pamper the our little mini with full hook-ups so he doesn't feel so bloated after a long weekend of revelry.

I hope all this fame doesn't go to his head. There's some talk about a movie, HaRVey/Mini. Can't wait to see the trailer.

Check out the Perrot paper next time you visit the park. Lots of great information on Perrot and Merrick State Parks. If you see HaRVey I'm sure he'll autograph it for you. 


  1. Not to take his name in vain.... 'Har' dy 'Har' 'Har.'

  2. Sweet. I plan to stop by tomorrow on my way back from pickleball. There's a geocache somewhere near the nature center I want to try and find. I'll stop in and say hi and see the article while I'm there. I can't believe it's almost time to pack up and leave soon.