Sunday, June 28, 2015

Peachy Keen

It's not a shoe fetish, just a girl happy to have a new pair of her favorite shoes. After overcoming the battle with plantar fasciitis, I never again can complain about the price of a well made pair of shoes. For me it's the arch support. The Newport Sandals by Keen are the perfect fit.

Sun baked. At least the butterflies don't find them offensive.
So I'd like to dedicate this blog to the shoes that get us going in the morning. The shoes that take us along the hiking paths at Perrot State Park for that awesome view.

This will be my third pair of sandals. My old ones are still intact but have developed the keen stink after several years.

Tried remedies, like vinegar and baking soda and bake them in the sun. Next step kitty litter or Nikwax base wash I've heard had good results. But alas I can't wear them in public anymore.

Now I can keep on truckin', as they used to say.



  1. They become garden shoes for me! Congrats on your new pair.

  2. Good footwear is priceless...comfort is a must.