Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friends Indeed

I keep mentioning the Friends of Perrot, who are they, The "friends" are a nonprofit group that supports the interpretive programs in the park. Which includes materials, videos, funding the Naturalist and guest speakers,  exhibits, pretty much all the enhanced opportunities to allow us to experience and the wonders of the park. I think I like them very much. I've met a few on the annual clean up day.

Thank you friends.

Canoe Rental-Park Head Quarters
They raise the monies providing some real necessities or the niceities for campers, including firewood, ice, canoe, kayak and snowshoe rentals. They have awesome stuff for sale at the head quarters in Perrot State Park. Like bug boxes, informative field guides, compasses and the souvenier hats and t-shirts.

Just think Fathers Day is coming up. What man wouldn't  like a bug box to rescue spiders from damsels in distress. Yes I'm anachrophobic. So don't expect any neat photos of park spiders in this blog. I purchased the medicinal plant guide, got my cure for poison ivy and spider bites, just in case.

They of course take monetary donations and a membership fee is helpful or you can volunteer and join like minded people in keeping up the prairie gardens, construct an overlook, improve a trail or be a part of Winterfest, very cool.

This weekends programs, brought to you by the Friends of Perrot are:

Saturday, June 8
"Trees, Please", 11am meet at the Nature Center
"Frogs, Wogs and Toads", 3pm meet at the Park Office
"Learn to Listen", 8pm night hike meet at the NC.

Love the quote on their brochure
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

My Quote "Can't have too many friends"

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