Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday Blues Bloom Blog

Better late than never.

Spiderwort, as you know not my favorite name so I'll call it  Tradescantia occidentalis. Catch them early in the day because the flowers may wilt by end of day when it gets hot out. The beautiful blue color may change to purple if exposed to air pollutants. Now there's a good measure of air quality especially since they are found along roadsides.

Large Beardstongue
Large-Flowered Beardstongue a variety of penstemon, these large tubular flowers are a show stopper in prairies. Can you see the family resemblances to snapdragons.

Wild Lupine at Perrot HQ
Worth repeating-the Wild Lupine, they are in full glory at the National Wildlife Refuge. The blue haze they create is stunning. Makes you believe in mass plantings. 

Field of Wild Lupine at Wildlife Refuge

Wild Geranium
Wild Geranium- not your grandmothers old fashioned favorite, this is Geranium
maculatum, a dry shade lover. The unusual seed pods resemble a crane also called Crane's-bill Geranium.,



  1. I became hooked on lupine when I saw them en masse in New Zealand. I have a feeling nature did it rather than man.

  2. Yes, come to think of it referring to the display of lupines as a mass planting, would give credit to the hand of man. It truly doesn't get any better what nature does on it's own.