Sunday, June 16, 2013

Point of View

I'm enjoying the comments and feed back. Since this is my first season of blogging there is much to learn. Queen Jester and Chaseburgmama have been holding me by the keyboard while my husband rescues me from myself.

My primary goal is to share the amazing things I find at Perrot State Park so you will also want to explore it for yourself.

Secondly as I discover new things about Perrot I try to do a some research and find out more thereby learning something new.

My hidden agenda is to become inspired to jump start the creative process again and produce items of artistic merit.

Perrots Passage
Perrot park was the subject of one of my very early paintings which debuted in my first one women show at the pump house. It now resides in a dear friends home from long ago with a few others she has purchased. Her name is Jeanne aka Gumby.

I took a photo of this view of Trempealeau Mountain from Bradys Bluff in the 1970's and used it for the inspiration of "Perrot's Passage" 34"x80". I found the original tree was still there about 10 years ago but now has disappeared. The photo is not the quality we could get today since it predates our digital cameras and the image was scanned from a photo. So the story goes.

Other paintings of mine in her collection are shown. She says she will loan them back to me some day when I have reached the point of having a retrospective of my career as an artist. So don't hold your breath it will be sometime before that happens.

Other paintings in her collection were inspired by Mirror Lake State Park, Botanical Gardens in Jamaica and an Airplane ride over Sedona, Arizona.

Soaring Over Sedona

Leaf Dance


  1. We are lucky to be your victims. Oh I mean guinea pigs. :)

  2. Yes yes Yes! Finally the artwork we love to see so well. I mean, we do enjoy the images of the park and learning about the hidden treasure of Perrot, but it's YOUR creations that are the most thrilling to me.
    Perhaps she would be willing to photo the paintings for you so the digital images can be larger to show all the detail in your paintings.
    What's next Hannah? Perhaps a CakeWalk Wednesday for your food creations?
    We want MORE MORE MORE!