Monday, June 17, 2013

What comes in, Must go out.

Sound familiar. At the state parks it has it's own meaning.

What you bring into the park on a daily basis you must take out of the park, i.e. trash. It's really a great concept that was implemented a few years ago. It saves the park money thereby keeping things, like fees down. It's astonishing to see people looking around for a trash bin, bewildered-where did they go. When they realize the policy, that the garbage they produce, they now have to live with in there vehicles till they return home, they are dismayed.

It was new to me as well when visiting the park. It gave me a whole new perspective on how much we leave behind us when we consume. Choosing to purchase items all neatly wrapped up for us the put in a handy plastic bag will literally follow you around for the day. This is a great reminder that all the trash we create does actually follow us and those that follow us. That got a little twisted around.

Keep Perrot Beautiful
Anyway the moral of the story is you are what you eat, no edit that, we have to be responsible for our own garbage, that's the point I'm trying to make. I know friends who are really adapt at living a lifestyle of low consumerism, because they live in an RV. They think before they buy something, do I really need it. Then there are friends who live in the country, they are responsible for disposing of their own garbage by taking it to the dump. Some can't imagine not having weekly pickup service. For so many of us it's so easy to put out a couple of bags of garbage and someone comes by and takes it away.

So when packing your picnic for the park, take along a garbage bag of your own or better yet buy things you can put in your own containers, Reuse, Recycle, just don't Request a garbage can.


  1. People are always shocked how much garbage they really generate. The trick is to cut back and limit plastics.

  2. I wish there was a way to avoid all the plastic packaging for much of what we buy. I generally have to repackage stuff to get it to fit in our little fridge. We're so lucky to have something like the Peoples Coop in La Crosse, but it's hard to always find that kind of venue while on the road.