Friday, June 7, 2013

Space Invaders

It's been declared-these are undesirables. They crowd out our native plants and animals. June is Invasive Species Month. Perrot Park has its unwanted and there are many ways we can each help. I'm sharing some of these great cards call "Wisconsin Wildcards" that you can pick up at the park if you ask nicely. They're great for keeping handy when you're hiking, biking or fishing to readily identify. Here are just a few.

Remember you could be a carrier, think of what is clinging to your shoes, maybe some seeds from one of these is hitchhiking in the your soles. Coming to a neighborhood near you.


  1. Thanks for posting these although I hope you will list them separately so your readers can familiarize themselves with each one.

    When we travelled to New Zealand our shoes were cleaned at customs. There is a questionaire and if you answer that you have been on a farm/ in the woods recently your shoes are taken from you and returned looking better than ever!

    I wish the U.S. protected us as well. :O

    1. It is unfortunate so many of our favorite garden plants don't get along well with the native species. I suppose it goes back to the European settlers bringing their favorite plants they were familiar with along the trip to the new world. I would have been inclined also. Now I too fight the battle in my own yard. I think a plant listed as quick growing ground cover needs revising to include spreads faster than you'll be able to control it. Aggressive behavior, doesn't play well with others. Warning. Dangerous to local species. I could go on.

  2. I just knew there were alien invaders here in Wisconsin, just just Area 51 in Roswell!