Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Prairie Blooms

It's so easy to focus on the woodland for spring blooms, but there are plenty of sun loving early showings on the prairies of Perrot. From Perrot Ridge and Brady's Bluff to the Prairie restoration garden by the Nature Center.
Atop Brady's Bluff
Hoary Puccoon- a main stem covered with grayish hairs, topped off with a cluster of yellow flowers

Hoary Puccoon

Puccoon comes from the native american's name for any plant used for its ability to color dye. The roots of this plant make a red dye.

Pussytoes in the Prairie Garden

Pussytoes-an aster plant with white fuzzy flowers in spring. Resembling a cat's paws this plant doesn't always get along with others. This feline fatale produces a chemical that "poisons" the soil to reduce competition from other plants.

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  1. I love pussytoes...and any other tactile plant out there.
    You are becoming quite a botanist!
    Love the larger font - much nicer for these old tired eyes.