Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Taking photos of all I see at Perrot has made me think of the best angle for some plants. Just shooting the top may help others identify the blooms but seeing them from the ground up really can be impressive, revealing the architecture of the plant. It also gives it a giganticum approach and makes it look like something prehistoric.

Also known as Podophyllum peltatum, which sounds much more prehistoric and even cooler sometimes called Mandrake. Like the old world plant. It blooms in May, of which I've never seen and the following lemon shaped summer fruit is edible. When this plant blooms it's said it's time to start hunting for morels mushrooms.

This larger than life specimen is Equisetum or more commonly called Horsetail Plant. A real living fossil. Fun to play with the segments, they detach kinda like bamboo.

Love the angle, isn't it fun to horse around with plants.


  1. Great angle for a story. We that are short know this angle well of the human species... LOL

  2. Those are some interesting shots. I used to struggle with getting good shots of the wild ginger blooms as they were hidden underneath until I planted them on the hillside by the railroad ties for easy access. Ooops. I guess that's not working so good for me anymore.