Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain=Moist Loving Woodland Flowers

Everything in the park is fully leafed out and looking lush. You either love the rain or hate it. When visiting drier parts of the country and then returning home to our valley, I know I love the rain.

So do many plants on the woodland floor. It's now ferns galore. Some people even look for the fiddle heads in spring and use culinary dishes. Sorry not allowed in the park.

Emerging Fern
Fully Fern

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, is a personal favorite grows in my wooded lot. Keep in mind if the female Jack is disturbed  it declines and may stop producing fruit. Also called Indian Turnip the Native Americans used the tap root for food. The plant is really not edible since it contains calcium oxalate crystals which cause a burning sensation in your mouth when eaten. The mature Jack has shiny red berries then you know you've seen the female. you can also tell by the leaves, males have one long  leaf stem with 3 leaflets and the female has 2 long stems.

Fully Jack

Emerging Jack


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  1. Sigh...yet another of my favorite spring plants. The Dutchmen's breeches are among the top of that list since they remind me my grandmother and her garden.
    There is nothing as lovely as ferns, so rich and lush and vibrant.