Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's in a Name-Perrot

Thank You Mr. Latsch
Perrot State Park was established in 1918 after a land donation by John A. Latsch of Winona, MN. Mr. Latsch was a nature- loving eccentric millionaire. He is credited with many land donations that are now state parks in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 
Pronounce  it Pair-row
The park is named for the French explorer Nicolas Perrot from the 1600's. Please it's not pronounced Parrot. The park encompasses 1,270 acres nestled among the 500 foot bluffs where Trempealeau and the Mississippi meet. The park offers breath taking river views and a variety of hiking, cross country skiing and snow-shoeing trails leading through woodlands to prairies. Also over 100 camping sites.

Another very unique feature of the park is the historic features. Native American tribes lived here for centuries and  remnants of mounds they left are scattered throughout park. More information on this very interesting subject in another blog.
Civilian Conservation Corps

Many of the trails and shelter you see today were built by the CCC in the 1930's.  This was a work relief program developed as a result of the depression to create recreational areas. Unfortunately some say nature lost out and original prairies, woodlands and waterways were changed forever. With today's appreciation for our environment it would have taken a different route, I hope.


  1. I'd heard stories of how John Latsch acquired much of the land he came to donate and wonder if any of them are true. One story was that he was out in his canoe and wanted to stop for the night and the farmer refused to let him camp on his land. Eventually he purchased this land and created the park system so no traveler would ever be turned away again. Any truth to this Hannah, Seeker of Answers?

  2. Yes, Queen- Seeker of the Truth, I do believe stories refer to this account. Wouldn't it be fun to have so much money to change one's own environment when someone pisses you off. Good thing it's sounds like he was on the side of nature rather than a megalomaniac selfish control freak.